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Tulip Joshi Boyfriend vinod Nair

Tulip Joshi boyfriend vinod nair captain                               
  • 1The boyfriend of tulip joshi captain vinod nair is very handsome everyone said it.she told that she is very happy with her dashing affair mate.likes him very much.fall in love is very suddenly but she would not leave the film world.her modeling will be con-tuned                      
  • 2some times they went out for party and enjoy them self .Captain Vinod Nair is an ex-commando.he  was seen in the Colors show Fear Factor, was an army man for six years.In three were in Kashmir
  • 3they enjoy there relation ship very much.vinod has no problem the acting of                    joshi. 
  • 4now she is give her full constration to the bollywood.she and her boy friend took some picture and images for memoriagation



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